Only 5 Scholarships Available

Fresh Start with Food is the only fat loss program that elevates you from frustrated dieter to in charge of your nutrition.

In this online coaching program — led by a certified nutrition coach — you’ll get the strategies, tactics, and support you need to lose 5 pounds in 45 days and take control of your health.



You might feel you're missing the connection between taking control of your health while having a successful career and happy family life.

A Fresh Start With Food is that connection.

This program is designed for sustainable weight loss.

That means you’ll learn skills that enable you to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Anyone can pick up a diet book, follow it strictly and lose a few pounds. But they don’t teach you what to do when life gets busy and you don’t have time or “willpower” to follow those diet rules.

A Fresh Start with Food is about making one change at a time – scaled to meet you where you’re at.

You’ll get skills and tactics that are easy to fit into your busy life.

You’ll understand the right amount of food to eat to reach your health goals – without counting calories.

You’ll have me, a trained nutrition coach giving you support and accountability.

You’ll develop healthy eating habits that become second nature and last forever.

Scholarship Application

I’ve created a new program specifically tailored to help you lose 5lbs in 45 days and keep it off forever. It’s online nutrition coaching and I’m looking for a few good people to test-drive it. As a thank you, I’m offering 5 scholarships for my Fresh Start With Food program valued at $198.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fresh Start with Food is a body transformation program that guides you through important and sustainable changes in your eating and lifestyle with help from a certified nutrition coach.

The first phase of this new program was developed to help you lose 5lbs in 45 days. You’ll be introduced to daily actions that are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. I’ll help you make health and nutrition a part of your life in a sustainable way.

The Fresh Start with Food program includes:

– A structured 6 week nutrition program to help keep you consistent.

– A certified nutrition coach to help keep you accountable, provide feedback and make adjustments.

– Small, daily actions to develop nutrition skills that will lead to real change.

My Fresh Start with Food program is for busy professionals who want to get healthier and leaner — and stay that way for the rest of their lives.

It’s for people who want to…

   – lose weight and body fat

   – gain energy and confidence

   – get results that last

   – and get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all.

Plus, the program is designed for people with busy schedules.

I work closely with clients to help them eat better, no matter how busy life gets.

I provide you with personal accountability, a structured nutritional program to follow, and coaching to help keep you consistent and on-track.

I won’t give you a crazy diet program to follow; instead, I’ll help you build habits that will get you sustainable results.

This coaching program is not for high-level athletes training for a specific sport, professional bodybuilders or fitness models.

It’s also not for people who already have all the accountability they need.

If you rarely struggle to maintain consistent eating habits, my coaching program is not a good choice for you.

If you follow my guidance you will get results.

No one likes to admit it but getting in better shape takes hard work, time and determination. Quick fixes are easier to sell. But they don’t work for long. Real change is possible if you’re committed and have the right strategy in place. You don’t have to get it perfect to get results. But you have to commit to making small, strategic changes in your life.

The scholarship is technically free but only if you finish the program. Here’s the deal: I’ll charge you the full rate of the program, $198, when you start. When you finish the 45 days, I’ll return it all back to you.