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Small, daily steps result in real lasting change


The magic ingredient to get the results you want


Change is easier when you have someone in your corner

Here’s what revel nutrition is all about


If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

“I hate dieting but how else can I lose weight?”

“Why have I failed again and again at sticking to eating healthier and exercising?”

“I know I want to get in shape so why don’t I do it?”

“How can I lose weight and keep it off forever?”

“Why am I not losing fat even though I work out 3-5 times a week?”

“How can I eat healthy when it takes so much time?”

“Do I need to count calories?”

So, let me guess.

Dieting and counting calories worked until they didn’t, right?

You try so hard to reach your health goals and nothing happens. Or maybe you start to see results but then progress slows.

All that motivation turns to frustration. The little voice in your head stops cheering for you.  When it comes to eating healthy, it feels like it’s you against the world. 

Well, it’s true … sort of.

The food industry is really good at two things:

Making food products that appeal to our weaknesses (think sweet and salty) and convincing us to buy those products.

And I’m mad about it.

Everywhere you go, unhealthy food is in your face. Sometimes you know its unhealthy but you’re hungry. Even worse is all the bad food marketed as good for you.

So how are you suppose to make good choices when you’re constantly being tempted or lied to?

It’s wrong.

And I’m tired of watching it happen. I want to provide you with the tools and coaching to make healthy choices. By the time we’re done working together, you’ll know how to eat for your body and still enjoy eating. You’ll develop healthy eating habits and keep them forever.

“I started revel nutrition because I believe a healthy life is a happy life. I’m passionate about helping people find happiness through a healthy lifestyle.

I get that life is busy and it can be challenging to change eating habits. I spent over 12 years in the high-tech industry, working long days with no time for lunch. Some weeks I ate more meals at airports and restaurants than at home. So I understand the challenges of trying to eat healthy in today’s world.”

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

You came here because you want to take control of your health, right?  Well, I want to help you get started.

You have unique nutrition goals so why would a generic diet work for you? I’ll take the time to learn about your unique challenges and help you find realistic solutions.  I provide professional nutrition coaching that fits into your busy schedule. And you’ll get tools that you can immediately use to improve your life.

We are going to turn things around together. All you have to do is sign up below to get my free email course on how to eat better.

Yours in Health,

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